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What is ~tildevarsh?

tildevarsh ~ is a Public access Debian server(Tilde) hosted in India. tildevarsh is a play on the word Tildeverse which by itself means a group or community of Tildes.

What is a Tilde?

A Tilde by itself is a Public Access Unix System or a pubnix managed by one or more members of the Tilde and others who are part of the Tilde are users who can access this server and also those who manage it.

How is tildevarsh of any use to me?

The answer depends on if you have used Linux or other Unix-like operating systems before or if you are a newbie with a curiosity to understand the workings of Unix-like operating systems. Please check the tildevarsh FAQ page.

For example, if you are a Windows or a Mac user, and you have little or no experience with command-line user interface - you may be interested to learn how command line works or just to practice Vim :P. tildevarsh has GCC and Python3 preinstalled, so you can learn C and Python on the go. You will also have the rights to vote on the direction that tildevarsh will be taking.

If you happen to be a Linux/BSD user, you might love to be part of this engaging community of enthusiasts while having access to all of the available services along with voting rights.

Services Offered

A (customizable) Linux shell.
A tildevarsh.in email address.
A Git server
Some storage space
...and any services that will be added.

How do I register?

Please check tildevarsh's Registration page.

I got a Windows computer, Is there a way I can be a part of tildevarsh?

Yep! You can use Putty or Bitvise ssh client to create ssh keys and register. To create SSH keys in Putty, please check this article. For Mac and existing Linux users, you can refer to this article

I got smartphones, but no computers. Can I be a part of the tildevarsh community?

Absolutely! If you have a device that allows you to install a terminal emulator, you can be a part of tildevarsh. For Android devices, please use Termux. For IOS devices, please install Blink Shell from the App Store.

Who pays for tildevarsh?

tildevarsh is entirely funded by the members of the tildevarsh community through voluntary contributions and intends to be that way. We currently have it hosted on a Linode Shared CPU instance which gives us 25GB of Storage with 1GB of RAM. We will consider expanding this if we have more members and additional contributions.

Is there a way I can get in touch with the people at tildevarsh?

Oh yes, you can send a message on our IRC channel (#tildevarsh on liberachat) or on the matrix room at #tildevarsh:matrix.org.